Monday, October 18, 2010

Women: The Failed Quest For Equality!

by Texas T

Women are, to say the least, 2nd class citizens. If you disagree, clearly you should be in the kitchen.
No internet when there are sandwiches to be made.
Much like Mexicans, they are meant to do jobs upstanding men would rather not bother with. For example, raising children, what testosterone filled man would stoop as low as giving a shit about their seed. Many famous leaders and powerful figures in history were the men they were because of the lack of attention their fathers showed them during childhood. The Spartans left their boys out to fend for themselves, and no one in Sparta stopped to think about how killing wild animals to survive made them feel.

Women are essentially child-bearing black holes of manhood. The moment you lower yourself to loving one, boom, you get hit with words like "commitment", "emotions", and "turn off the game we're going shopping". Every woman deserves two titles: Child Bearer and Sandwich Artist (which is surprising given how many men work at Subway). Glass Ceiling? Are you serious? It should be a concrete ceiling, reinforced with rebar. Women earn less because they matter less. You know what happens when females are allowed to lead?

Yep, Ballet. That just happened.

Now you women who managed to sneak on while your husband is out and about should know that it is strictly forbidden. Who will service us in bed and make us meals when you are equal? Black people? That's just racist. There is a reason prostitution is the world's oldest job and pimpin' is the world's oldest profession.

Your vagina has lead to all the terrible decisions you've made in your life, and it is also to blame for those of men. You are our scapegoats. Clinton? Women. JFK? Women. Tiger Woods? Women.

Exhibit A!
What about women who are visionaries and leaders in their fields? Look at Amelia Earhart. She was a leading pilot and aviation legend who disappeared when attempting to fly around the world. Guess what, the plane wasn't a kitchen or a bedroom so guess what happened? It' didn't function under the control of a woman. How about Catherine the Great, leader of Russia, and huge advocate of beastiality. Turns out the only reason they called her "the Great" was because her vagina was looser than gun laws in Africa. She used to fuck horses. HORSES! That is what happens when you let women rule.

In conclusion, because it feels like I'm going into more depth than women can handle, let me tell you this: The only reason we men need you around is for food and fucking.

What did a woman say once?
"Have your cake, and eat it too."

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