Monday, October 18, 2010

If Chivalry Aint Dead, Let's Kill It

by Adam De Sade

The days of holding doors open must come to an end. This societal alimony we call chivalry is too taxing on our equality, patience, and reason. As Texas T points out, they don't deserve it. They're second-class.

Typical New Jersey Breed Bitch
Think about it. We men, for whom mankind takes it name, pay for everything. Even when our sexless marriages come to an end we are expected to give this bitch half our stuff and continue to pay her a salary for once having performed only sufficiently the unspeakable acts of man service.

We can all learn a lot from the misunderstood Prophet Mel Gibson, and the perfectly understood Prophet Muhammed. Bitches need to know their place and the fist is the tools by which we are able to show them. A good wallop every now and then is healthy for a woman. Men aren't built to receive so much backsass and demands all the same time. Why not hit a woman? You want to have the right to get off this sinking ship first with all the children? You want equality but courtesy at the same time? Why? Because you birth child? I have to put up with your face and body in old age, shouldn't I get my share of courtesies?!

Furthermore, we just sit back and watch Ray Romano and the fat guy from King of Queens just constantly take crap from their wives every week on television. Forced to carryout all the chores, sleeping on sofas, and repeatedly fed the message that housewifery is hard work (BITCH PLEASE). Fuck these Barnard attending uppity bitches! Lifetime movies and biopics of women who've accomplished so much and what not, come on... Bitch its called HIStory, not HERstory! No one likes listening to what you have to say. You know why you never accomplished anything? Because like Ray Romano's wife all you do is talk shit, you are haters! You just run around bad mouthing us to the other prospective tuna bins. My penis ain't adequate? Your tits can't even fill my man sized palm! Cum dumpsters everywhere, you have been forewarned, our treaty of Bordeaux has been revoked. Chivalry has expired!


  1. "A good wallop every now and then is healthy for a woman."

    No it is so not healthy to punch a woman - if you are a man who punches women then you need a lesson or two taught to you.

    Chivalry isn't dead you're just looking in the wrong places

  2. Just to add to my comment above - around 4 women a day in the USA die due to domestic abuse or related injuries.

  3. What's the first thing a battered woman does when she comes home from the hospital?

    The dishes if she knows what's good for her!