Sunday, October 17, 2010

Retards Are Special Enough As Is

by Adam De Sade

Today was the last day I will move to the back of the bus for possessing an above 70 I.Q. Retarded people are privileged with looking young for their entire life, should they also be entitled to a "special status" in a modern society like ours? They seem to be the only people on Earth who don't pity themselves, why should we?

Mexicans agree, they take up the jobs that would have gone to them (kitchen work at fast food restaurants, walmart greeters, human traffic cones) but for an exponentially higher salary. Including benefits like those nifty sweaters only their round headed selves could pull off wearing.

These welfare queens sit on thrones of pity. And when they roam the streets, given at their incredibly slow pace, they hurl derogatory remarks at us, laugh behind our backs, and drool on our sidewalks. It's time America grew weary of their agenda: WE WANNA BE JUST LIKE YOU! You do, do you? So take your handicaps like a man, put down the glue, and start asking the big questions like the rest of us! Oh wait, thats right you already believe in God. A God who made you 'estrah speshall'. You're a fucking menace to society!

I'de get started on their version of the Olympics, but my blood is boiling as is... Till next time, stay equal America. No one's special. NO ONE.

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