Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Man's Best Friend, with Benefits

by Texas T

A crowd favorite in rural communities and Mexico. Not quite illegal in a few states. Certainly a reasonable alternative, plus it's pretty much condoned by the Bible.
Thou shall not spill thy seed for there be some fine bitches
Beastiality isn't just about loving animals, it's about making the animals love you. Be it peanut butter and a curious canine or a moonlight rendezvous with Lil Ho Peep's flock there is no way to go too far or even too wrong. Unless you lose a penis or create a hybrid species.
Her father won the Preakness
America, and by proxy, the rest of the world has been obsessed since Heston made love to a monkey woman in Planet of the Apes (she was a prime-mate) the public line had been crossed and in turn been destroyed due to a lack of genetic similarities. I mean we do it doggy, froggy, even giraffe style, why not get back to the roots. Why does it have to be frowned upon? As a matter of fact, there may be a few of you who already are participants and don't even know it.
Ignorance is bliss
How many people have received donor organs made from pigs? Hmm? That pig heart is pumping pig blood filled with pig love through their veins. They love exactly as a pig would, selfishly and covered in their own fecal matter. It's only a matter of time before they return to their home species and get it on like Donkey Kong, or with Donkey Kong. What about the hallowed Donkey Shows? ONLY in Mexico? Just because they get paid less suddenly they are the only ones with standards that low? Please, we all know that if anybody can lower the standards faster and in a more dramatic fashion than a rollback at Wal-Mart it is America. Who are we to be the high browed disapproving people judging from our ivory towers?
Or, get your high horse off.
Your call.

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