Monday, October 17, 2011


When we left about a year ago to pursue other ventures (unemployment, drug use, prostitution, murder for hire, and irritable bowel syndrome) Endless Loop had about 300 page views, which was great, yet uninspiring. It's amazing to see that we currently sit at 9,345 page views to date. That just shows how many people are willing to take the plunge across the line to see what exactly "thinking outside of the box" means.
So, continue reading and feel free to understand that while the hiatus will be over in the next few days, which means we've had a year of issues we take personally building up.
God Speed Fuck Yourselves,
Texas T

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  1. Thank God i found you guys here. the picture of the cock-eyed Swami from Yogaville VA is quite charming.
    free speech is our natural god damn born right! ole ole ole